Project Description

was Firaxis’ first foray into self-publishing.  After the success of 1997’s Gettysburg!, the studio realized there was a fairly nice-sized niche audience for polished, fun Civil War games, and had the rights to release derivative products utilizing the Gettysburg engine without going through EA (who was Gettysburg‘s publisher).   Antietam was to be the first in the “Great Battles” series, a line of self-financed and published wargames.

g11262qv4uuI was hired away from the IT consulting company I had been working at to build the infrastructure necessary to facilitate online sales as well as to assume responsibility for maintaining the website and all online community functions.   Using the ColdFusion web application  platform, I rebuilt the existing, static Firaxis website into a dynamic site complete with traffic analytics and integrated and customized a third party e-commerce package.

Though the product initially sold well, the idea of entering a credit card onto a small company’s website was not yet a pedestrian occurrence, and the lack of reliable, inexpensive digital distribution channels meant that physical product had to be created, warehoused, and shipped, which ended up costing significantly more than anticipated.    Though the initiative was several years ahead of its time,  Antietam! was eventually bundled with Gettysburg! and the South Mountain campaign and sold by EA as the “Civil War Collection”.