Project Description

SOL: Exodus Box

In the fall of 2010, immediately after shipping the Sesame Street projects, I turned my attention to the overall goal I was charged with when I was hired at Seamless: rebooting the studio into one capable of developing high quality original intellectual properties.

SOL: Exodus was a space shooter conceived and built in a 12-month period with a team of five developers.  Additionally, we opted to utilize the Unreal Engine, the industry-leading engine for high-end 3D graphics, despite having no prior experience with it.  Despite the steep learning curve, we relied on an agile development process to reach a playable prototype quickly and tight iteration cycles to constantly evaluate the state of the product during development.

Because the team was so small, we made extensive use of outsourcing.  In fact, we not only outsourced all of our concept art, but most of our base ship models, many of our environment props, and all of the sound effects, music, and professionally recorded voice acting, the latter of which was (and still is) very unique for a small independent production.

In addition to managing the project, I oversaw the PR and marketing push for the game, managed the website and social media channels, coordinated travel and booth setup at the PAX game conference to do hands-on pre-alpha demos with fans, and even authored the manual and built game installers for European collector’s edition retail SKU’s.

Post-launch, we earned our customers’ respect with very active customer support and our commitment to pushing out updates.  The game ultimately received praise from outlets such as Destructoid, The Escapist, and MMGN.  We were also mentioned on an episode of X-Play as an “X-Play Recommends” title.  It remains one of the products I am most proud of because of how much we accomplished with a small team and tight timeframe.

We Made History!

SOL was the first video game to utilize RealD 3D technology, the same 3D technology utilized in feature films! The game was demoed in stereoscopic 3D to SXSW festival attendees in 2012.